GRNET, representing Greece, joined the European Leonardo consortium for the operation of a pre-exascale level supercomputer system. GRNET and CINECA, head of the Leonardo consortium, enjoy a long standing cooperation in HPC related projects and share best practices. Greece joined the Leonardo consortium alongside existing partners of Italy: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. The system is co-funded by EuroHPC JU and by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research, conceived and managed by CINECA in collaboration with Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), and International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), and with the support of the Italian Regione Emilia-Romagna that will provide the location in the Tecnopolo of Bologna.

GRNET, is contributing with teams of professional experts, engineers and HPC project managers, amplified with over a decade of experience and know-how developed in the field of HPC by supporting research and education communities by offering ARIS-HPC (Advanced Research Information System) resources and is proud to be contributing to the High Level Support Team (HLST) of the Leonardo consortium. It should be noted that GRNET is one of the largest contributors to technological progress and modernization of Greece’s infrastructures, through its participation in a number of pan-European HPC initiatives and mainly through the development and maintenance of the HPC – ARIS, which is the most powerful computer system for scientific purposes in Greece.

The benefits of Greece’s participation and GRNET’s contribution in this strategically important initiative are manifold, both at national and European level. Research teams in need of high performance computing resources in order to conduct scientific research will -in the future- be able to access both the existing and the developing infrastructures of the consortium, opening new horizons of scientific, technological and economic progress. Thus, they will further benefit from the use of supercomputer resources to conduct large-scale applications in a wide range of scientific fields. In addition, the consortium countries partners' collaboration and communication, will further contribute to technological progress, through the exchange of best practices and technology know-how in the field of High Performance Computing, research and innovation.

CINECA’s press release on Leonardo

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