On October 18th, Cineca will take part in CERN openlab and Chelonia Applied Science workshop's "ExaHealth 2021", aimed at examining the potential for exascale computing and machine learning to support public health.

The online workshop is free and open to all.

With recent advancements in high-performance computing (HPC) towards exascale (the capability to perform a billion billion (1018), or a quintillion, computing operations per second) and the continued development and proliferation of both machine- and deep-learning techniques in all sectors, it is imperative that we ensure these resources are capitalised upon fully in a realm that affects us all: public health.

Projects supported by the European Union (such as Exscalate4COV and LIGATE, with the participation of dozens of institution) demonstrate the potential that exascale HPC and machine learning offer for the health sciences.  This is also seen through initiatives pioneered by CERN openlab, such as the CERN Science 4 Open Data project. 

Dr. Andrea Beccari - projects’ coordinator - and Dr. Sanzio Bassini will be the keynote speakers together with people from CERN and other invited speakers at the roundtable.

Full information is available on the event page.