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Eurora scores first in Green500 list

28 June 2013

The supercomputer Eurora, installed a few months ago at Cineca, ranked 1st in the Green500 chart of the most efficient supercomputers in the world.

The combination of the energy efficient Eurotech design and the high-performance efficiency of the NVIDIA accelerators allowed the engineering of the world’s most efficient supercomputer with measured 3210 MFlop/s per Watt.

Eurora serves as the base technology for the development of the PRACE 2IP co-funded prototype, a project with the same name “Eurora” led by the Cineca supercomputing center in Italy in agreement and collaboration with the Italian academic research system, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), the National Research Council (CNR), the International School for Advanced Study (SISSA – ISAS) and the National Institute of Geophysics and Oceanography (OGS). Cineca deploys the Eurora prototype to advance research and discovery in the fields of computational sciences, including fundamental constituents of matter, condensed matter, astrophysics, the life sciences, and Earth sciences.

The Eurora co-designed production prototype is intended to progress in the optimization of the energy efficient high performance computing system towards the deployment of exascale computing system with a total cost of ownership affordable and sustainable.

“Advanced computer simulations that enable scientists to discover new phenomena and test hypotheses require massive amounts of performance. The scalability of the high energy efficiency is a fundamental problem to solve and we are proud of this initial outcome of ours  R&D activity in collaboration with Eurotech and National Institute of Nuclear Physics - INFN” said Sanzio Bassini, Director of HPC Department at Cineca  “Equipped with the ultra-efficient Aurora system and NVIDIA GPU accelerators, Eurora will give European researchers the computing muscle to study all types of physical and biological systems, while allowing us to keep data center power consumption and costs in check.”

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