The European project e-SHyIPS, that was launched on 1 January 2021, involves 7 European countries working together to define the new guidelines for an effective introduction of hydrogen in maritime passenger transport sector, and to boost its adoption within the global and EU strategy for a clean and sustainable environment, towards the accomplishment of a zero-emission navigation scenario. 
Through an ecosystem approach, where all the main stakeholders from maritime and hydrogen sectors, research and industry will be involved, the e-SHyIPS project will integrate theoretical pre-normative research activities on standards with simulation and laboratory experiments, in order to provide the needed knowledge to design an appropriate certification process and spot future standardization activities to enhance the EU normative and regulatory landscape.

The project is coordinated by Politecnico di Milano. Within eSHyIPS, CINECA targets one main research field, related to WP3, “Ship Design Experiments”, where it is WP leader. It will apply its strong expertise in CFD in order to study how hydrogen-based engines and storage affect performance and maneuverability of a ship. For that, it will adapt its virtual naval basin framework LincoSim to this kind of ships and operational characteristics.

More information, on Cineca's HPC website, and on the website of the EU Commission.


Grant Agreement N° 101007226 - FCH2-JU – HORIZON 2020