Cineca opens 2020 with the new website, which combines graphic restyling with a new communication style, and a new way of presenting content, easy and intuitive to navigate.
The site was developed in the context of the consortium communication plan, which follows the strategic lines of development of the Consortium as an in-house entity, and supports Cineca's path towards transparency and disclosure.

Through the new website, therefore, Cineca intends to give visibility to the attention paid daily to the stakeholders, and aims to enhance projects and initiatives of excellence.
The main sections of the site, accessible from the home page, are:

  • The hot topics, to emphasise the excellence of the Consortium which, through projects, initiatives, collaborations make Cineca a unique reality in Italy, and also internationally.
  • the main areas in which Cineca operates following its institutional mission, to give the best visibility to activities and services, enhancing the role of an in-house institution.
  • the news, which present new projects, events, initiatives conducted in collaboration with the stakeholders, to give value to the close collaboration with the consortium members.

Cineca's Board of Directors appreciated the new website: “The Consortium is constantly committed to strengthening its role as partner for the Italian academic system, and supporting universities in strategic decisions both through technological solutions and through the skills of domain. - said the President of Cineca, Prof. Ing. Eugenio di Sciascio - The new site will become the main tool to enhance its commitment: Cineca is the physical, concrete place that brings together all the Italian public universities, where a virtual network built with databases, applications, procedures, materialises itself, a meeting place where it is possible to develop a digital ecosystem based on sharing experiences, with the aim that the whole country will benefit from it. "

Dr. David Vannozzi, General Director of Cineca, who promoted the project and supported it during its development, expressed his appreciation, and said: "The new website was designed to be a gateway through the web. In the context of its institutional mission of technological arm of the national academic system, Cineca deals with many activities, even very different from each other. Therefore, the first objective of the internal working group that designed and developed the website was to simplify the presentation of the Consortium itself, respecting its complexity, that is our wealth. From the content point of view, great space has been given to challenging projects, which make Cineca a unique structure in Italy and internationally. To access information different paths have been developed to allow visitors to consult the contents with different interpretations, and great attention has been given to navigation on the move. Cineca's experience in the field of interfaces, usability and accessibility, the skills acquired in the development of university and corporate portals have allowed the team to achieve a result that responds to the objectives we have set ourselves, and which I am sure will also be appreciated by our stakeholders. "

The site was created through Drupal, one of the most versatile and popular content management systems, and is responsive, therefore it adapts to the most used devices: desktops, tablets, smartphones. The navigation paths are linear, and thanks to an essential and captivating design, the website has the right balance between text, images and white areas, which lighten the pages and facilitate reading.

The new Cineca website represents one of the milestones of an editorial plan that plans to communicate Cineca more and more effectively and continuously, and aims to complete the path towards transparency and sharing with the opening of new communication channels, richer in depth.