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Cineca will be present at Metstrade 2018

8 November 2018

LINCOLN organises the workshop "Data analytics from smart vessels" at Metstrade 2018 (Amsterdam - 14th November 2018 - 14:00-17:00). Claudio Arlandini (CINECA) will present LincoSim, a tool for automatic virtual towing tank analysis.   

Digital technologies, such as Internet of Things, are innovating the maritime industry, introducing into the market innovative connected vessels. Smart vessels produce big amount of data that can leverage benefits to the wide maritime value chain, such as design, shipbuilding, maintenance, navigation assistance, fleet management, insurance complains.

The EU H2020 LINCOLN project presents a paradigm shift for effective collection and usage of those data, to solve the main maritime challenges, starting from flexible and advanced computing edge gateways for vessel data gathering, towards improved data analytics for operational services. CFD tools for non CFD-experts designers and SW for environmental vessel footprint evaluation complete the project suite. Most important, technology adoption in itself can’t solve the companies issue for time to market speed up: an appropriate approach is needed.

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About LINCOLN: LINCOLN (Lean Innovative Connected Vessels) is a 36 months project coordinated by Politecnico di Milano, Cineca collaborates by implementing an HPC platform for the design of boats and ships for rescue at sea