The 9th of November 2022 was held the 4th Annual European Data Economy Conference - A Modern and European approach to Data Governance.

This conference has explored the extent to which these policy initiatives (The Data Act, The Data Governance Act, rules to create Common Data Spaces) can support the development of innovative business services and solutions to address the underutilisation of data at EU level.

Cineca’s CEO, David Vannozzi, spoke during the second session “Harnessing the power of data innovation through technology” to explain the role of Cineca in the European system and the importance of the new supercomputer Leonardo.

During the last 50 years we have expanded our activity from IT support of Universities, Ministries, Research Entities to other public administration and private industries. We have been part of the High-Performance Computing evolution process in Italy and Europe. Now we are putting in operation the 18th HPC, called LEONARDO, which is going to be the 4th world most powerful High-Performance Computer according to the top 500 ranking.
Cineca contributes to build the European and Italian system of High-Performance Computing and is candidate to become one of the top players in managing big data and AI. The goal is to give more space and computing power that serves for better exploitation of artificial intelligence.