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Cineca strengthens its collaboration with the DSpace Open Source Community

20 November 2013

A second person from Cineca, after Andrea Bollini, has joined the DSpace Committer Group. This is a very important confirmation of the high professional level of Cineca's staff and its valuable contribution to the Open Source Community.

" Dear DSpace Community, The DSpace committers team are delighted to announce a new member to the group: (Luigi) Andrea Pascarelli from CINECA.
Please join us in welcoming Andrea! [...]"

DSpace is the technological platform used in the Research Information System developed by the Consortium.

The DSpace Committer Group has 24 people today, who together define the platform's enhancements, taking care of the new releases, the verification, approval and support of contributions coming from thousands of expertes from all over the World.

This important result reached by Cineca represents a very strong opportunity for Italian Universities too. Indeed, the Consortium will be in the position of upholding Italian Universities' needs and requirements, driving the enhancements of the software.