CINECA will give access to Pasqal's neutral atoms quantum computing technology to its members through Pasqal's quantum cloud.

CINECA is at the forefront of innovation and committed to provide its members access to the most promising computing technologies. Through a competitive process, CINECA selected Pasqal to provide runtime hours on its processors located in Palaiseau, France. Several key characteristics of Pasqal's technology were deemed crucial: high qubits connectivity, processor topology re-arrangement at will, and analog control to implement Hamiltonian evolutions. 

Pasqal will give access to its first prototype, the "Fresnel" 100 qubits processor, named after the 19th century French Physicist whose discoveries in the field of optics paved the way towards a better control of light, a key ingredient of Pasqal's technology.

The processor supports quantum simulation tasks e.g. topological materials, as well as hybrid implementation of quantum algorithms with a focus on the resolution of optimization problems e.g. in the energy sector.

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