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Cineca IT partner for the largest trial carried out in paediatric liver cancer

16 May 2017

The PHITT trial is the largest trial carried out in paediatric liver cancer. The trial underpins research projects as part of the ChilTERN project which aim to address key issues in paediatric liver cancer, including the collection of clinical and pathological- annotated biological samples, utilising novel imaging technologies to map surgical resections of liver tumours and determine risk factors associated with toxicity. The results from these projects will help to determine the appropriate treatment of future patients to reduce toxicity and maintain high cure rates. The collection of complete and accurate data is imperative to the success of the trial and the connected projects.

Cineca plays a pivotal role in delivering the trial successfully, by coordinating the collection of clinical data in a remote data capture system. As an international trial, sites from all over Europe will be able to enter data directly into the database, allowing timely review of the data. The trial will benefit from Cineca’s experience in developing databases for other international trials. Cineca are also contributing to the trial by developing platforms for the connected projects, such as bespoke upload tools for centralized pathology and imaging reviews and tracking systems for sample transport and storage.