To better understand Cineca's role in MUR activities, it is necessary to make a small leap in time: in 1989, in fact, a law was introduced (168/1989) which established the principle of autonomy for universities.

From that moment on, the individual university institutions were able to issue their own statutes to regulate financial, educational, organizational and research aspects.

The same law also provided that the Ministry assumed control functions on the planning of university development and on the allocation of resources, while coordinating on the other hand the university and research system with other national and international bodies.

In order to carry out those tasks, the Ministry had to equip itself with information systems to supervise the management of universities and research activities. Over the years, also the Cineca started to support also the Educational system.

By virtue of its institutional role, and due to its strong competences already provided to the world of research through supercomputing, Cineca was chosen to carry out this important support activity through the management of databases and services for integration, exchange, certification and storage of information, helping the ministry from the earliest stages of the dematerialization process with the transition from paper to bits.

  • Cineca provides MUR with a series of tools with which it can monitor and verify the budgets of universities and allocate annual funding to them, promoting the programming and development of the university system and research.

  • Starting from the first digital database on behalf of the Ministry of Universities and Research, concerning teaching staff, Cineca has continued to work with the Ministry to develop adequate systems for managing the selection and recruitment of university staff. Since 2001, the MUR has also entrusted Cineca with the management of the AFAM personnel archives with the related procedures.

  • Cineca manages a series of systems to allow universities to define the annual training offer. Furthermore, on behalf of MUR, it manages the ANS database for monitoring the careers of students and offsets that allow universities and AFAM to share information on their structures. The consortium is also entrusted with all the phases of carrying out the placement tests and rankings for the programmed access.

  • Cineca provides the Ministry of Education with tools to achieve the institutional objective of favoring individuals and entities who carry out scientific and technological research in Italy, to produce new knowledge and to create new products and / or new production processes with a high added knowledge value.

  • Cineca has developed, on behalf of MUR, a series of systems for the management of all phases of the life cycle of a test, both paper and computer-based, and to manage all the voting within the organisation with a telematic and delocalised approach.