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What We Do

Cineca offers support to the research activities of the scientific community through supercomputing and its applications

Today Cineca is the high technology bridge between the academic world, research and the world of industry and public administration.

It offers support to the research activities of the scientific community through supercomputing and its applications. It has a computing environment with the maximum in available architectures and technologies and has very advanced hardware resources. Its specialized personnel is highly qualified and assists researchers in the use of the technological infrastructure in both the academic and industrial sectors. It represents Italy in European Union projects, participating in numerous activities relative to the promotion, development and diffusion of the most advanced information technologies.

Its institutional mission also includes the creation of management systems and services to provide support for universities and the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). In this role, the Consortium is engaged in the constant search for solutions capable of accompanying universities as they modernise their methods of governing such complex and intricate areas.

For MIUR, over time, Cineca has assumed the role of "operational technical arm" which, through the creation of sophisticated telematic systems, allows the interaction of all components of the academic world with the central administration, guaranteeing the Ministry constant monitoring of the processes and the coordination of all of the activities.

It is also concretely engaged in technological transfer activities for businesses and public administration. In particular, it creates advanced systems for data management and analysis in the biomedical and health, manufacturing and large-scale retail trade sectors. It offers services relative to the implementation and integration of the new technologies in support of e-learning, through the creation of portals for complex organisations and the management of information system protection.