Cineca develops and manages content and knowledge management web portals. Its ontology-based solutions allow logical threads to be visualized, and provide the use of conceptual search engines. Its information access services enable users to analyze large volumes of data by means of data- and text-mining technologies, and also to manage efficiently extremely large databases. Its innovative multichannel and multimedia applications enhance interactions with the general public. Furthermore, Cineca can provide the best e-learning solutions by analyzing client’s requirements, as well as user’s educational or training needs. Cineca is a leader in Italy in design, implementation and management of data mining and data warehouse systems. The Consortium integrates business intelligence into complex data analysis systems which include the use of territorial systems and relational graphs.

In biomedicine and healthcare, Cineca offers advanced solutions for the secure management of clinical trials and the governance of the Italian local health units.

In a wider context, like national and international, as well as public and private, Cineca develops systems for epidemiological surveillance, and clinical data warehouse; and solutions to supplement the scientific research networks and governmental supervisory and regulatory operations.