SURplus was the Cineca's solution for a CRIS (Current Research Information System), now replaced by IRIS

It is an IT platform that makes it easy to collect and to manage research activities’ data and outputs within an organization giving researchers, administrators and evaluators the tools to monitor research results, to enhance their visibility and to efficiently allocate resources.

SURplus supports Universities and Research Institutes providing:

  • Data and information management tools for research activities;
  • Institutional repositories for publications, products and documents and multimedia materials;
  • Research evaluation tools based on statistics and indicators;
  • Data integration with internal and external systems;
  • Possibility of re-using data in different contexts: annual reports, curricula, websites, etc.

The modular nature of the system and the flexibility of its data model facilitate processing, organizing and transmitting information in compliance with the international CERIF standard.

SURplus’ Modules are all fully integrated with IT infrastructures of the organization where it is installed: legacy systems (such as HR and Accounting databases) and external systems (regional, national and international databases).