Solutions and Services for the University Administration

Management systems, services and technical-training support to university administrative offices

Since the 1980's Cineca has supported Italian universitie's administrations and bodies of government with information systems for their main administrative areas: Student, Accounting, HR and Research management. All the Cineca solutions have widespread and have continued evolving thanks to the experiences and contributions given by customers universities.

As Higher Education Institutions have unique organizational models and core processes compared to other business realities, Cinceca is focused on developing information systems tailored on their specific needs. Today Cineca is still investing roughly 20% of its overall revenues in the Higher Education systems research and development. All these activities prove Cineca's significant commitment to Higher Education.
In 2005 Cineca started the development of U-GOV, a system in which HR, Accounting, Research, Student and Learning services coexist in a unique and integrated environment, together with decision support tools. The first available modules of U-GOV have been released since 2006.

Cineca and Kion In 1999 the Consortium founded Kion, an owned company which is focused on IT systems for students and learning services, intended to become the Consortium's software factory. Today Kion’s Student management system (called ESSE3) is used by almost all Italian universities.
Kion is also one of the founders and promoters of the Rome Student Systems and Standards Group (RS3G). It's a group of software providers, colleges and universities that have been meeting in Europe to develop the exchange of student and course information to support the Bologna Process.