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Back in '80, Cineca decided to invest to develop a specific know-how about developing biomedical and health related software applications.

Projects and Services offered primarily deal with Clinical Trials, Epidemiological Registries and different integrated systems for the planning and control of Italian Local Health Units (ASL).

Thanks to the advanced Cineca supercomputing infrastructure, several simulations have been produced, especially about the interaction between biological molecules and new pharmaceuticals active ingredients.

Through the Scientifical Visualization infrastructure, it has been possible to realize a dedicated development environment aimed to rapidly build software applications about different health areas: pre-operative planning, computer aided diagnosis and intraoperative navigational tools.

Furthermore, Cineca always invested in pure scientific activities, through the production of scientific papers, the organization and participation of specific health meetings and conventions, the support to health specific training, both in residential and in distance learning mode.

The primary services offered in Health Care Department deal with special activities: