Ricerca Scientifica

Scientific Research

High Performance Computing: working with researchers to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Running numerical simulations on supercomputers allows researchers to choose timescales and problem sizes to investigate phenomena which may be otherwise difficult to be studied by experiment, not only in traditional areas of research but also in emerging fields such as biotechnology, nanoscience and biomedicine. In industry, supercomputing reduces time and product development costs by improving quality and competitiveness in the global market. Cineca is committed to providing both public and private research with a world class supercomputing facility. It meets and even anticipates the expectations of researchers, creating integrated and efficient computational environments along with high quality service.

Scientific visualization and virtual interactive environments: ideas take on new forms 3-D visualization is extremely important in research.  The ability to visualize large sets of data can provide key insights in the phenomenon under study and combined with novel simulation techniques offers a new viewpoint for complex systems.

With an excellent infrastructure and highly qualified staff, Cineca allows the world of research to successfully address scientific challenges. In the international arena, it is committed to many European Union initiatives for supporting research and the development of the most advanced technologies.