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Local and External Connectivity

All computing resources in Cineca can be reached through two different paths corresponding to two different areas of the local network ("ACADEMIC Area" and "COMMERCIAL Area"). Both of them will implement full redundancy of the main network elements (firewall, core routers, distribution switches), using a 10 Gbps fiber backbone and providing access bandwidth ranging from 100Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/sec.

Cineca Network

The ACADEMIC path is reserved to the research community. It is connected to GARR, the italian academic and research network, by redundant optical ring implemented using different fiber paths, with an access speed of 1 Gbit/sec.

The COMMERCIAL path is dedicated to private customers. The Aggregate Internet bandwidth available is 200 Mbit/sec, shared among different commercial operators. A dedicated Autonomous System is able to maintain the connectivity even in case of failure of the input link. Cineca services in this area can be reached by GARR connection too, so increasing the total speed and the availability of the service.

There is a 1 Gbps dedicated connection for DEISA (Distributed European Infrastructure), connecting HPC computers in Cineca with the other European Supercomputing Centres participating to the project.

The major Italian telecommunication companies (Telecom Italia, Wind, Fastweb, Autostrade Telecomunicazioni, Acantho) are present in Cineca with fiber connections and equipmets. In this way high-speed, dedicated connections can be easily established on request: at present there is an high throughput private link (1 Gbit/sec) towards ENI in Milan, two backup links connecting Bologna and Padova University, and links towards private customers, also based on Wi-Fi technology.

Security is very important in this network architecture and is garanteed by the use of Firewalls and, when required, VPN (Virtual Private Network) based on IPSEC technology.
The network availability and effectiveness is ensured by the Network Operation Center in Cineca that can monitor the network 24/7.