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Cineca's Tier0 system

MARCONI is the Cineca's Tier-0 system, co-designed by Cineca and Lenovo, and based on the Lenovo NeXtScale platform.

MARCONI, based on the next-generation of the Intel® Xeon Phi™ product family alongside with Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family, offers the scientific community a technologically advanced and energy-efficient high performance computing system.

The installation of the new system has been completed between April 2016 and July 2017, according to a plan based on a series of updates:

MARCONI: It is the Italian National most powerful supercomputer for the public research. It is based on the LENOVO NeXtScale platform and the next generation of the Intel Xeon Phi product family. 

  • the first partition (Marconi-A1) with Intel Broadwell, into production since July 2016, has been switched off Sept 2018; 
  • the second partition (Marconi-A2) with Intel KnightsLanding is into production since January 2017, 
  • the third partition (Marconi-A3) with SkyLake is into production from August 2017.

A new plan of updates has been completed in 2018: on Jan 2018 and finally on Nov 2018.

Marconi is classified in Top500 list among the most powerful supercomputer: rank 12 in November 2016, and rank 19 in the November 2018 list.

This supercomputer takes advantage of the new Intel® Omni-Path Architecture, which provides the high performance interconnectivity required to efficiently scale the system’s thousands of servers. A high-performance Lenovo GSS storage subsystem, that integrates the IBM Spectrum Scale™ (GPFS) file system, is connected to the Intel Omni-Path Fabric and provides data storage capacity.

(see here the full press release).