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IRIS - Institutional Research Information System

Institutional Research Information System

IRIS, Institutional Research Information System, is the new CRIS solution developed by Cineca. After the merge with the other 2 Italian Consortia, the so called “Cineca 2.0” decided to get the best out of the different Research Information Systems already in place (U-GOV, SURplus) to create a unique solution.

The process that brought Cineca to develop this new system witnessed the collaboration of several Italian universities that contributed value to the solution. IRIS is indeed the result of a collaborative way of working. This innovative best-of-breed solution has been designed to fulfill the needs of academic and research institutions: IRIS is an IT platform that makes it easy to collect and manage data on research activities and outputs within an organization. Researchers, administrators and evaluators are given all the tools needed to monitor research results, enhance visibility and efficiently allocate available resources. Cineca’s IRIS is a CRIS, a Current Research Information System. It is compliant with the European standard CERIF and it is based on open-source technologies that the Consortium contributes to develop and maintain.