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Image processing on Senna's camera car video

Now the original Betacam video from the Senna's camera car is available. The movie shows the movement of the steering wheel when the Brazilian entered the famous bend, the Tamburello, causing him to lose control of his car.

 MPEG-1 Video format 1.17Mb



MPEG-1 Video format 1.17Mb



Let's look at trackable objects on the wheel:

On the video you can recognize the yellow button at 83mm from the center of the wheel and its normal trajectory (the green line on the sequence).

The red line on the video is the normal trajectory of the serigraphied "V" white-reflecting at 55mm from the wheel center.

Both objetcs have been tracked in the sequence of the safety-car lap. They exhibit circular shapes according to the wheel structure.






During the last seconds the yellow button falls down below the red line, 55mm below its normal position (the blue line).






Bologna, 16th December 1997