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The HPC infrastructure
(updated Jan 2015)
Cineca is currently one of the Large Scale Facilities in Europe and it is a PRACE Tier-0 hosting site.
  • FERMI: It is the largest system (Tier-0) and gets its name form the famous italian physicist. It is a IBM BG/Q supercomputer, classified among the most powerful supercomputers in the Top500 List: rank 7th in June 2012. 
    On June 2012 it was ranked 11st in the Green500's energy-efficient supercomputers list.
  • GALILEO: It is the second system (Tier-1), it is a IBM NeXtScale cluster accelerated with Intel Phis: expected in full production as February the 2nd, 2015, this system replaces the old PLX system. Galileo is named after the italian physicist and philosopher who played a major role in the scientific revolution during the Renaissance.
  • PICO: last but not least, a BigData infrastructure has been recently acquired (Nov 2014) devoted to "Big Analytics". It is named after the Italian Remaissance philisopher famous for his amazing memory.


  CPU (mhz,core, ...) Total cores / Total Nodes Memory  per node Accelerator Notes
Fermi PowerA2@1.6GHz, 
16 cores each
163.840 / 10.240 16 GB -  -
GALILEO Intel Hashwell
2 x Intel Xeon 2630 v3@2.4GHz, 
8 cores each
8384 / 524 128 GB 768 Intel Phi 7120p 8 nodes devoted to visualization
Pico 2 x Intel Xeon 2670 v2@2.5GHz,   
10 cores each
 1480 / 74 128 GB - 4 nodes devoted to visualization