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The Italian Tier-1 cluster for industrial and public research

Galileo was decommissioned in November 2017

This machine is  our Tier-1 system, introduced in CINECA on Janualy 2015. It is devoted to scientific computing on the basis of national and European proposals. On Galileo also special HPC technical oriented  projects are  developed in collaboration with our specialists.

This Tier-1 supercomputer is among  the fastest supercomputer available to Italian industrial and public researchers. It is equipped with up-to date Intel accelerators (Intel Phi 7120p) as well as top level programming environmen and a number of Application Tools required by the projects activated on it.

PLX is mainly used to develop and run applications targeted at hybrid architectures, leveraging software applications in the fields of computational fluid dynamics, material and life science, and geophysics. The computing system is also available to European researchers as a Tier-1 system of the PRACE infrastructure.

Model: IBM NeXtScale
Architecture: Linux Infiniband Cluster

Nodes: 516
Processors: 2 8-cores Intel Haswell 2.40 GHz per node
Cores: 16 cores/node, 8256 cores in total
GPU: 2 Intel Phi 7120p per node on 384 nodes  (768 in total)
RAM: 128 GB/node, 8 GB/core
Internal Network: Infiniband with 4x QDR switches
Disk Space: 2 TB of local scratch
Peak Performance: 1 TFlop/s (to be defined)