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A new architecture for the European scientific community, available at Cineca

The supercomputer Fermi  2016 was decommissioned in June 2016.


As from the mandate of Italian Ministry of Education University and Research, CINECA represents Italy in PRACE (the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), becoming Tier-0 site as from the PRACE roadmap.

FERMI enables computational science of scale, allowing Italian and European teams of researchers to perform computationally intensive, large-scale research projects attacking fundamental problems in science and engineering that require massive calculations. The system is available on the basis of national and European calls for proposals.

Technical References

Architecture: 10 BGQ Frame
Model: IBM-BG/Q
Processor Type: IBM PowerA2, 1.6 GHz
Computing Cores:  163840
Computing Nodes:  10240
RAM: 1GByte / core
Internal Network: Network interface with 11 links ->5D Torus
Disk Space:  2PByte of scratch space
Peak Performance: 2PFlop/s