Eurora Supercomputer: Energy Efficiency

The system is no longer available (since 2014)



Funded by PRACE 2IP, the project Eurora aimed at evaluating new architectures for the next generation Tier 0 systems. Eurora is the result of the collaboration between Eurotech and Cineca and the prototype, currently equipped with NVIDIA accelerators, is available to the members of PRACE and to the major Italian research entities.

Eurora will enable scientists to advance research and discovery across a range of scientific disciplines, including QCD, material science, astrophysics, life science, earth science and weather forecast.

Technical References
  • Architecture: 1 rack
  • Model: Eurora prototype
  • Processor Type: Xeon SandyBridge
  • Computing Cores:  1024
  • Computing Nodes:  64
  • RAM: 16GByte DDR3 1600MHz per node
  • Internal Network:
    •     1 FPGA (Altera Stratix V) per node
    •     IB QDR interconnect
    •     3D Torus interconnect
  • Disk Space:  160GByte SSD per node
  • Sustained Performance: 3,150MFlop/w