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Cultural Heritage

Vis.I.T. Lab activities for Landscape and Cultural Heritage Management and Communication

Vis.I.T. Lab activities for Landscape and Cultural Heritage Management and Communication aim

  • to create portable and scaleable real time applications based on high resolution 3D computer models linked to multimedia contents organized in databases in order to navigate, explore and inquire effectively into landscape and cultural scenarios avoiding the risk of transmitting superficial or misleading scientific/historical information
  • to train PhD students, architects, archaeologists, historians, city planners, cultural operators and others in following a interdisciplinary methodology of creating Augmented and Virtual Reality products.

Augmented and Virtual Reality applications allow users to experience a high degree of realism that grows with the use of immersive technologies.

The fundamental role of visual components in Landscape and Cultural Heritage makes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Natural Interfaces technologies particularly suitable to valorise and communicate them.

Vis.I.T. approach offers many other opportunities, such as: allowing public access to "monuments" that can not be normally accessed or that risk to be damaged; reconstructing objects and "scenarios" that do not exist anymore; allowing a fruition without "frontiers" - taking "objects" to users and creating imaginary collections of disperse "objects"; permitting a vision with no space and time constrictions as well as visualisation of future scenarios connected to risk management by means of numerical simulations and GIS systems to support landscape and cultural heritage management and knowledge.

Solutions can be provided on an open source workflow.

Moreover the 3D models developed to be visualized in Virtual Reality Environments can be post processed to be put on the World Wide Web, as well a used as interactive illustrations on DVDs or CD-ROMs or thanks to a specific workflow developed by Visit Lab can be effectively used as 'Virtual Sets' for movies or television programs.

Available Services

  • Multidisciplinary project management
  • Architectural and terrain modelling for virtual environment
  • VISMAN Virtual Scenarios Manager a tool for Dynamic management of virtual environment
  • Multimodal Interface programming


Virtual Reality