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CLU SP - Scholarly publishing

Managing the publication of electronic journals and book series

Scholarly Publishing (SP) is an application that allows any institution (university or research institution) to independently manage the publication of electronic journals and book series.

This solution allows institutions to increase the impact of their scientific production in a simple and effective way. 

The system is designed to reduce the time and energy spent for administrative tasks and the management of these activities, while improving the quality of publications through innovative solutions in order to increase the number of proposals for publication (submission), make editorial flow more efficient and the indexing by general search engines and specialized databases more effective. 

SP allows to collect proposals for publication from potential authors, internal or external sources, and to manage all the steps in the publishing cycle:

  • from peer-review to changes request
  • to the tracking of modified versions, 
  • to the journal or monograph publication of the issue, 
  • to the dissemination of data in the networks of scientific communication. 

The platform is completely web-based, in order to maximize ease of access by editors, authors and readers. 

CINECA Scholarly Publishing is based on the open source software OJS - Open Journal Systems, developed by PKP - Public Knowledge Project, University of British Columbia, Canada. 

With SP you can manage several journals, books series and monographs, customizing the layout and the editorial process of each publication.