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CLU LM - Library Management

Open source software for libraries

Through CLU LM, Cineca actively takes part in the community of Koha, an integrated open source software for library management. Created in 2000 in New Zealand, Koha is now widespread all over the world.

Koha ("gift" in Maori) is an entirely web-based software, developed on library standard and open protocols ensuring its interoperability with other systems and technologies. Being web-based, Koha is independent from any kind of platforms and allows a high flexibility in its use. Koha main features:
  • library OPAC for global search even when multiple libraries are present;
  • users database;
  • loan and book reservation management;
  • budget management;
  • journals subscription management;
  • report and statistical data management;
  • order management system.

All features can be tailored on the library needs; moreover, official documentation and online help may assist the librarian in every moment of his activity, from cataloguing to the general management of the library.

Cataloguing module allows to input bibliographic data both through predefined cataloguing templates and via Z39.50 client. Cataloguing templates can be customised and and modified depending on document types in order to speed up the input process. Imported record may be revised and completed by the librarian according to the library own criteria.

Circulation module helps in handling loans, book reservation (made by users directly on the OPAC), and alerts. Loans can be managed in a quick way too, putting the library card number and the document barcode in the dedicated fields.

A specific module is devoted to users management. In this database the librarian can put traditional information plus images, and can see the user history (active and expired loans, penalties) and his requests to library, such as reservation or purchase suggestions. The module manages users authorization levels and their profiles on the library OPAC.

Library acquisitions module is linked to U-GOV contabilità, so that Koha allows orders registration, vendors and budget management associated with specific expenditure funds.
In the end, reports permit to create statistics related to all the other modules. Report can be viewed online or downloaded and opened with text or cartel editors. While Koha has predefined queries, it is possible to create new ones in order to have specific reports. 

Cineca participates in the international Koha community and collaborates to many subprojects with the development of CLU LM. Specifically, Cineca translated OPAC and librarian software interface into Italian. It is working, moreover, on specific default configuration values for Italian libraries and on testing proposed code.