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Business Development

Cineca meets businesses

The Business Development (BD) office, activated in 2003, is part of Cineca's Management and operates across all departments. Its main goal is to constantly improve Cineca's market relations, especially those with the non-institutional market of businesses and Local Public Administration.

In particular, the BD offers support to the Cineca Departments, helping them to interact with non-institutional customers and to structure an offer when, in order to be an adequate solution, it must combine several products/services of different departments.

The BD also takes part of the process when, within the context of a particular technology, there is the need to go from the design or prototype phase to the definition of standard products/services, in order to be offered directly on the market or to be spread in collaboration with qualified ITC sector businesses with which Cineca is in partnership.

It is from this viewpoint that we need to interpret the initiatives implemented with the SecurIT offer concerning the protection of data and communication networks, and with the D3C services, created to allow the partial or total externalisation of the ICT functions and developed in the Cineca Commercial Data Centre.