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Application Areas

The main activities in the Health Care Department

Systems for epidemiological and economic surveillance, activated back in 1986, are friendly and efficient systems to monitor and check health care related costs and consumptions. The systems integrate the information of drug prescription, reimbursed by Italian National Health Service, hospital discharges, diagnostic examinations and vital statistics, and provide a support tool for decision-making and for planning some of Local Health Units activities.
Data are available at different levels of aggregation (detailed data in ARGO, aggregated data in ARNO which currently counts 30 Local Health Units with a population of 10 million of inhabitants).

Clinical trials and epidemiological registries, based on the AMR (Advanced Multicenter Research) methodology created by Cineca for the collection, management and analysis of biomedical and health care data gathered from multicenter researches.

IT services and infrastructure developed for the support of Health Care Organisations, scientific associations and research Institutes, in order to allow the management, sharing and research of information and their related information flows. As an example of this kind of activities, Cineca developed for the Italian Medicines Agency the National Monitoring Centre for Clinical Trials, an instrument created to guarantee the epidemiological surveillance of clinical trials on drugs conducted in Italy. This system is now a reference tool for scientific research in Italy.