The Statutary Bodies of the Consortium are:

  • the Chairman, who legally represents the Consortium. Among his other duties, he chairs the meetings of the Board of Directors and directs the proceedings, he supervises the putting into effect of the resolutions made by the Board of Directors and by the Administrative Committee
  • the Board of Directors (CdA), which has direction duties and is responsible for financial, economic and patrimonial management
  • the Executive Board, which is responsible for approving contracts and conventions, assuming obligations, deciding on expenditures, and hiring personnel
  • the Technical Committee, which is the consultancy body of the CdA
  • the General Manager, who is responsible for directing and monitoring all Cineca activities. He is also in charge of putting into effect the deliberations of the CdA and of the Administrative Committee
  • the Board of Statutory Auditors, which monitors compliance with the law, with the statute and with the principles of correct administration.