Cineca, which is a Consortium composed by 117 institutions among Italian universities and public institutions, is led by a Board of Directors composed of the rectors/delegates of the universities and public bodies members of the Consortium, and one delegate of the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of University and Research. The Board of Directors is represented by the Chairman, while the CEO is responsible for the development, organisation and management of the Consortium's activities.

Chairman Prof. Francesco Ubertini  
CEO Dr.ssa Alessandra Poggiani

The activities are performed by the following organizational structures:

  • HPC High Performance Computing whose director is Sanzio Bassini.
  • Services for the Universities whose head is Giacomo Scillia.
  • Services for the Ministries of Education, University and Research and Public Administration whose director is Maurizio Tani.
  • Delivery whose director is Paolo Malfetti.
  • Support whose head is Claudia Battista.
  • Outsourcing whose head is Dario Mingarelli.

 Transversal to the organization are the activities that belong to:

  • The Organization and Systems Area, which deals with human resources, organization, communication and internal information systems, whose director is Serena Borelli.
  • The Administration and Finance Area, which deals with internal administration, whose director is Maurizio Tani.
  • The Complyance Area, of which Stefano Roselli is the director.
  • The information security office, whose head is Paola Tentoni.
  • The Facility, whose director is Alessio Mauri.