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Lean Innovative Connected Vessels
18 October 2016

Cineca collaborates in the project LINCOLN by implementing an HPC platform for the design of boats and ships for rescue at sea.

Cineca at European Researchers' Night
26 September 2016

The EU Researchers' Night invites you to meet the heroes of science; that is to say, the researchers from different disciplines whose fascinating work can change our lives. With family, friends, your school or on your own, you will become a scientist for a day, participate in science activities and most of all have fun! Cineca, this year, take part at the events in Rome (Frascati) and Bologna.

PRACE 13th Call for Proposals includes new Marconi system
14 September 2016

The 13th call has been completed. Cineca offered 665 million compute core hours on new Tier-0 system Marconi, composed of 2 partitions, one based on Intel Broadwell processors and one based on Intel KNL many-core processors. The 30 awarded projects are led by principal investigators from 9 different European countries.

EUROfusion: Marconi selected to support european research on fusion
14 September 2016

An all-Italian partnership between ENEA and CINECA has been selected by EUROfusion, the European Consortium for the development of fusion energy, to deliver high-performance computing and data storage to support European research on fusion.

Focus on

PRACE 14th Call for Project Access: Now Open

The 14th Call for Proposal for PRACE Project Access is now open until 21 November 2016, 10:00 CET. It is now possible to apply for one of the supercomputers of the affiliated european HPC centers, including our MARCONI. 

 ParCo2017: Call for Paper

Cineca and the foundation ParCo Conferences organize at Bologna from 12-15 September 2017 the International Conference on Parallel Computing. ParCo2017 is a continuation of the international conference on parallel computing and HPC started in 1983

 MAX: Materials design at the exascale

MAX, the European center of excellence - a H2020 e-infrastructure - in material science, is now ready to go. The kick-off meeting In Italy was held in Modena, on December 14-15, 2015.

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ISCRA. Italian SuperComputing Resources Allocation; PRACE. Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe; LISA Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Advanced Simulation.