Welcome to Cineca

Cineca enters DSpace Steering Group
2 March 2015

Cineca has been working with the DuraSpace Foundation since 2007, particularly supporting the DSpace Community and giving a strong contribution to enhance and develop DSpace.

Galileo il nuovo cluster di supercomputing Cineca
29 January 2015

A new computing system, named GALILEO, is now available at Cineca. GALILEO is a IBM NeXtScale cluster accelerated with Intel Phis processors.

HPC Courses 2015
17 December 2014

The 2015 training calendar is on-line. All the training events are free of charge. Subscriptions are opened about 3 months before the event starting date.

PICO: the Cineca solutions for Big Data Science
28 November 2014

The workshop will take place on Friday 5 December 2014 in Cineca - Bologna, Casalecchio di Reno.

Focus on

HowTo access Cineca's HPC resources

ISCRA. Italian SuperComputing Resources Allocation; PRACE. Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe; LISA Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Advanced Simulation.

PRACE-3IP PCP Completes Successful Bidding Stage

The bidding stage of the PRACE-3IP PCP yielded 5 successful bids from around Europe.

Eni turns on one of the largest and energy efficient HPC System for Industrial Oil and Gas activities

Eni turns on one of the largest and energy efficient High Performance Computing System for Industrial Oil and Gas activities. The system is managed by Cineca under the Eni-Cineca framework contract.

 Intel Parallel Computing Center at Cineca

To meet future scientific computing demands, compute power is as important as parallelism and modernizing key applications to help us make the next leap in discovery. For this purpose Cineca is now a Intel® Parallel Computing Center.